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Welcome !

BIOHEALING – Centar for Bioterapy whos work on Zdenko Domacic method,Rijeka.Its offers biotherapy on a world recognized,scientific energy method. Our servicesit focused on bioterapy cure of all diseases,problems and diseases which presumed incurable.Our method is also very good for relax and stres free

We are free to say that we are special,we offer a different approach of health tourism. We organise complete offer for you,from your arriving and easier way for your accomodation near our centar.

We also oranise your free time,with wish and aim to make your visit beautiful and unforgetable.

BIOHEALING –  centar for bioterapy you can find in Rijeka,our address is Moše Albaharija 6B,Croatia,Europe, phone 0038551 345294, e-mail: Centar is represent on ahead recognized high education expert Marina Taukovic,graduate biotherapist on Zdenko Domancic method,and pharmacist with rich 20 years experience,on a field on medical care and healing different desease and health problems.

Time on your vacation spend on a best way.

Make your health beter. On that way to fell great Biohealing is your best decision!!!

Welcome to our centar!!!!


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